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Hi FriendsHappy Saturday!Women often come to because they are frustrated, overwhelmed, and think they have no time for themselves. They are busy putting everyone else first and can’t seem to squeeze in any time for…

Is it Time to Unplug?

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When was the last time you took a meaningful break from all of the noise? I think we have all experienced the benefits of unplugging a machine, letting it rest for a minute, and plugging…

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows

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In today’s social media world, it’s easy to think we are supposed to be happy all the time and if we aren’t, then there must be something wrong with us. Scroll through Facebook or Instagram…

Bob Marley Was Right

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There is a lot of fear and anxiety out there in the world right now. So many things are uncertain. As humans, we crave routine and certainty. There are circumstances that we can’t control. Coronavirus…