Coaching with Michelle


So Thankful

I am a full time working mother that was feeling stuck in my life. Love my family, friends, and career, but something just didn't feel right. I was feeling stuck.  Working with Michelle made me realize what was actually going on in my mind and why I felt the way I felt.  Everything looked great from the outside, but inside I was resentful for not "having time" to spend on the things I wanted to do.  Michelle helped me find the time, set my goals, gave me accountability, and I no longer feel stuck or resentment. So glad she's my coach!!   -  Amy 

Finally being held accountable

I struggled for years trying to stick to my goals I would set for myself. Including weight loss, drinking less, and professional goals at work I was trying to achieve .  I would never follow through with any of them after a couple weeks.  Michelle has coached me why this happens, and how to overcome and manage the obstacles that come up.  I had no idea how powerful my mind was.  thank you SOOOO much Michelle.    -  Chrissy